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Acupuncture in Exeter and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Simon King and Jennie Dallas have been in practice over 30 years. The clinic has parking.
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What is acupuncture?

As well as fine needles, acupuncture includes the use of other techniques such as moxibustion and cupping. By producing a stimulation at certain points on the body changes are made in what in Chinese Medicine is called Qi function which includes changes in muscle tone, pain sensation, immune function and hormonal levels. Hence a wide variety of illnesses can be treated.

What is acupuncture used for?

People come for acupuncture treatment with a wide range of problems such as the following:

Painful and musculo-skeletal disorders including back pain, sciatica, osteo-arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and sprains and strains.

Neurological disorders including headache & migraine, neuralgia, after effects of stroke and bells palsy.

Anxiety, panic attacks, depression and insomnia

Menstrual, gynaecological and obstetric disorders including premenstrual syndrome painful periods, infertility, morning sickness, malposition of the foetus, delayed labour, lack of breast milk.

Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, diverticular pain and colitis.

Circulatory diseases such as Raynauds disease, angina, intermittent claudication and cramping

Urinary diseases such as cystitis and urethritis

How much treatment will I need?

The amount of treatment varies considerably depending on the condition, how long it has been present and how you respond. It is usual to have a few treaments weekly and then space them out as progress is made. A common treatment range is between 3 to 10 sessions. Some conditions need a treatment every few weeks or months to maintain the benefits.

How much will it cost?

We charge £50 for an initial consultation and treatment and then £42 for subsequent treatments. Of course, the key question about cost is; how many treatments will be needed? We try to give a clear idea of what is involved. The ideal length and pacing of a course of treatments is very much gained with experience but often only becomes clear after a few treatments. An important consideration is that once set on the right course the body is very good at healing itself!

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